Shane Ross

Greece fiddled the books and we, in Ireland, broke the rules recklessly. In company with the tipsy club-med countries, we nearly sunk the euro.

Our bankers hurtled us into skid row, but we added to the mess by managing our public finances like drunken sailors.

Ditto the other PIGS countries. We all took our more sober European colleagues for granted. For several years, I have listened to Leinster House spinners whispering that Germany would see us right.

So how can we blame Angela M, the paragon of Germanic sobriety, for seeking a vigilante role?

So far, she is not demanding control or even total abstinence, but is putting pressure on the wayward nations to reduce their intake of the hard stuff. Otherwise, Angela and her equally unamused sister nations could head for the hills or seek expulsions.

Ireland’s recent record merits a period of probation.



“I love the line that Gordon says,” Stone said. “You never got it, kid, it’s just a game. It’s not about the money, it’s just a game. They lose sight of the actual worth of the money. It’s about beating the other guy. I was with Rupert Murdoch the other night and it was very warm and he was, like, saying money is fungible. It’s not about the money, it’s about what you do with the money. He’d rather run a media empire. Other people would take their money and they’d wanna transfer it to something else, like take over a bank or swap mortgage home loans. It doesn’t matter; it has no social purpose.

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