From yesterday on the blog will be focussed on unveiling the wider story Irelands insider elites has hung Ireland out to dry on the back off. So after the video clip featuring Engdahls breakdown the next step in my dismantling of the *Great game* as those in the know call it is this link on IMF and where they get the cash to offer bailout services to countries brought to ruin by their own kind inner elite sociopaths : A “Who Is Who” Of Countries About To Fund The IMF’s Bail Out Of Europe | zero hedge


Look here at a blueprint design concept ;

Mechanical train set of *market dynamics* illustrated by a cattle mart.

Information flow is all important.

Now when it comes to the *market dynamics* the insider sociopath elites are running, operating, what do we get.

We get a mechanical train set of *market dynamics* which runs the wealth into the a chosen set of elites who never loose and always enrich on the back of the trian set of market dynamics the elites always ensure s remains in place no matter what, at all cost to the serfdom first and last.


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