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February 15, 2011


The_Origins_of Money_&_the_Impact_of_Usury

free ePub ebooks on the State — Mises Economics Blog

February 13, 2011


Neithercorp Press » Blog Archive » The Great Global Debt Prison

Londonism and its adherents: The capital’s creed | The Economist

Jesse’s Café Américain: Modern Monetary Theory Part II: Money and The Limits of Empire

To us, it’s an obscure shift of tax law. To the City, it’s the heist of the century | George Monbiot | Comment is free | The Guardian

Green Change : How giant companies get away with paying so little in taxes

February 11, 2011


#  The Egyptian Uprising Is a Direct Response to Ruthless Global Capitalism | | AlterNet

#  Joseph Stiglitz: “The banking system destroys value”

#  IMF boss calls for global currency | Business | The Guardian

#  BBC – Peston’s Picks: RBS’s Hampton: ‘Journeymen’ bankers are paid too much

#  FT Alphaville » Buiter on Europe’s secret liquidity operations

Jesse’s Café Américain: America Appears To Be Trapped in a Massive Coverup of Control Fraud and Corruption

February 7, 2011


The Secret of Oz – Full Version

The_Origins_of Money_&_the_Impact_of_Usury

February 7, 2011


The hangover is the cure

On how short selling works and why markets tend to self-regulate

What Has The IMF Done With Our Money? –


February 6, 2011


This is a crisis of the banking system, not the euro

Chris Hedges: Even Lost Wars Make Corporations Rich – Chris Hedges’ Columns – Truthdig

Chris Hedges: 2011: A Brave New Dystopia – Chris Hedges’ Columns – Truthdig

Wider U.S. Strikes in Pakistan? Plus, Chris Hedges on Peace | WBUR and NPR – On Point with Tom Ashbrook

German banks: A piece of history | The Economist

The List: Greed Is Global – By Elizabeth Dickinson and Joshua E. Keating | Foreign Policy

Why Corporate Capital and Finance Are Waging an All-Out Cyberwar Against Wikileaks | News & Politics | AlterNet

The Present: On the Brink of Disaster

Federal Reserve reveals $trillions dished out to world banks to aid financial crisis | Mail Online

`Shadow’ Lenders’ Emergency Fed Loans Boosted Aid to Barclays, Citigroup – Bloomberg

The United States Isn’t a Country — It’s a Corporation!

Ernst & Young accused of enabling Lehman fraud – The Irish Times – Wed, Dec 22, 2010

The Fed and the Caymans: New ‘Jaw-Dropping’ Bailout Details

Vast Inequalities in Wealth Undermine Democracy |

Why we spend what we do – The Globe and Mail

The_Origins_of Money_&_the_Impact_of_Usury

Global Risk and Reward in 2011 by Nouriel Roubini – Project Syndicate

This Is The Morgan Stanley Banker Who Allegedly Leaked Information To Galleon

Economics: Fix the banking system, and the sovereign debt crisis will fix itself

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